Kenmore Refrigerator & Appliance Repair Service

Kenmore Refrigerator & Appliance Repair Services in the Las Vegas, NV Area.

S.O.S. Appliance Service’s Kenmore refrigerator and appliance repair team of professionals are standing by to diagnose and repair all your major Kenmore-branded household appliances.

We provide diagnostic and repair services to:

  • Kenmore refrigerators
  • Kenmore freezers
  • Kenmore ice makers
  • Kenmore wine coolers
  • Kenmore washing machines
  • Kenmore dryers
  • Kenmore stoves, ovens & ranges

Additionally, we service all series of Kenmore’s appliances including:

  • Elite
  • Broil & Serve
  • Professional
  • and all others

Whether it’s a simple fix or a ground-up repair, contact us immediately at (702) 720-9666 to schedule a same-day appointment.

Kenmore Refrigerator & Appliance Repair Service