Sub-Zero Refrigerator & Appliance Repair Service

Sub-Zero Refrigerator & Appliance Repair Services in the Las Vegas, NV Area.

S.O.S. Appliance Service’s team of refrigerator and appliance repairmen specialize in high-end brands, especially Sub-Zero. With our incredible amount of knowledge obtained from extensive and numerous years repairing Sub-Zero appliances, there isn’t a repair we can’t do!

We service all models of Sub-Zero appliances including the following series:

  • Sub-Zero 200 Series
  • Sub-Zero 300 Series
  • Sub-Zero 400 Series
  • Sub-Zero 500 Series
  • Sub-Zero 600 Series
  • Sub-Zero 700 Series
  • Sub-Zero Pro 48 Series
  • and all others

Whether you’re in need of a Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, Sub-Zero freezer repair, Sub-Zero ice maker repair, or Sub-Zero wine cooler repair and live in the Las Vegas, NV area, contact us immediately at (702) 720-9666 to schedule an appointment today.

Your local Sub-Zero refrigerator and appliance repair specialists!

Sub-Zero Refrigerator & Appliance Repair